Rune Series: Dagaz

Rune Series 23/24
Third Row: Dagaz
Meaning: Day/Dawn, Daylight, Enlightenment, Awakening
Associated English letter: D

Dagaz represents the completion of the journey; the final, sudden breakthrough or illumination. It is the transmutation of polar energies, the union of left and right, up and down. As such, it is considered to be the Gods' gift of enlightenment.
It resembles an overturned hourglass, or the symbol of infinity. Like Jera, this is a rune of time but it represents the ending of cycles and brings about a sudden, often painful and shattering realisation of unity and true reality beyond duality. Dagaz is ultimate realisation of the infinite.

The Runes of this series belong to the Elder Futhark, one of the oldest alphabets in recorded history. Each Rune has endless interpretations and deep meanings; while their origin and/or intent is lost to history, most interpretations come from the 'Rune Poems', possibly written around the 8th century.

June 9, 2020