Rune Series: Othala

Rune Series 24/24
Third Row: Othala/Odal
Meaning: Homeland, Inheritance, Ancestry, Family, Legacy
Associated English letter: O

The final rune completes the cycle. Othala or Odal is the return home after the final realisation. The power and wisdom of our ancestors flows through this rune, and it is them that one has to honour. Everything that we are, both physically and spiritually has been inherited from our ancestors through their deeds and accomplishments. This power is our birthright, but also our responsability; Othala encourages us to live a life of beauty and wisdom so that we may honour our place within the long line that connects us to those who came before and those who will come after.
Othala is also home, or homeland. Be it a physical dwelling or a place in our hearts, this rune brings peace and harmony to both.
The final rune ultimately unites all mankind throughout time, and communicates a destiny of unity, an everlasting heaven.

The Runes of this series belong to the Elder Futhark, one of the oldest alphabets in recorded history. Each Rune has endless interpretations and deep meanings; while their origin and/or intent is lost to history, most interpretations come from the 'Rune Poems', possibly written around the 8th century.

July 28, 2020