Okami - Mr. and Mrs.Orange

The elders of Kamiki Village. Mr. Orange usually spends his time by the overlook, observing the falling cherry leaves of Konohana, while Mrs.Orange usually does the laundry by the river and always has some cherry cakes for Ammy during the night.
I grew up with Okami and its world and characters are forever impressed on my heart. I love the simplicity of the timeless designs of this game inspired by ancient Japanese art. When I was about 7 I used to draw all the characters and stick them inside a notebook to just look at from time to time. It was my little way of expressing my love for this game. And now, all these years later, I wanted to go back to it and see what art it inspires. This is what came out.
Credits go to Capcom and Clover Studios for Okami.

August 14, 2023