MELIADE - Unused Cover Art

This was an initial idea for the front cover of my book titled 'Meliade', however I ended up going for something a little more abstract.
Book description:
“They call it EV-A, or Eve: A newly discovered energy source, a new light.
When horrific side-effects threaten the life of a young boy in her care, Avryll Rétierre is forced to reach back into her dark past and reconnect with her mother, Madeline Rétierre, who pioneered emergent technologies through the use of Eve. Among the white spires and winding streets of Alexandria, Avryll discovers buried secrets of her past, her emotions and the horrors of a world hidden from the light.”
Meliade is a psychological, surreal thriller that explores the concepts of motherhood, dreams and trauma. Available on Amazon!

November 1, 2021