HERA - Queen of the Gods



Hera, Queen of the Gods

Hera is primarily known as the Goddess of women, marriage and protector of childbirth, however there is an interesting tale that points her to being also a guardian of the sacred flame of the hearth. This is why I decided to portray this model next to a flame, as well as give her a pose that would match one of her ancient depictions.
I love her design from SMITE and I was trying to study it while making this piece in order to learn more about character design. The colour palette is quite pleasant, a blue and yellow contrast. Some of the patterns on her cloth are taken directly from ancient greek architectural patterns (which I have directly noticed in my city!). I especially love what they did with her dress - the sharp curved lines are indicative of a personality that is both strong and gentle.

Credits go to Hi-Rez Studios (SMITE) for the character model and design. And Kaiology for extracting the xps and rigging it and making it available to us.

May 12, 2023