Rune Series: Perthro

Rune Series 14/24
Second Row: Perthro
Meaning: Unknown
Associated English letter: P

The most mysterious of all Runes. Its real name and meaning has been completely lost. Sometimes it is referred to as the 'blank' or 'empty' rune.
Perthro may hold unimaginable secrets, like the concept of 'luck', the unmanifest or collective unconscious. It may reveal the birth of the universe itself, or the origin and secrets of all runes.
The law of cause and effect is a mystery that Perthro could help understand. Through it, one may be able to completely change the course of life.

The Runes of this series belong to the Elder Futhark, one of the oldest alphabets in recorded history. Each Rune has endless interpretations and deep meanings; while their origin and/or intent is lost to history, most interpretations come from the 'Rune Poems', possibly written around the 8th century.

January 30, 2020