Dishonored - Lady Boyle

"Welcome to my party. I don't believe you've had the pleasure."

Lady Boyle is the secretive mistress, aristocrat and financier to the Royal Spymaster of Dunwall. Her family are wealthy, influential nobles within the high society of Dishonored's world.
In the game world, she has two other sisters with an identical outfit, just with different colours; Corvo must find clues as to who is the one he's after. I always thought the red version is the most striking and creative out of the other two who are simply black and white, so this is the one I chose to use for this artwork. Definitely a lovely character design from Arkane, especially considering the design of her mask and headdress. I had quite a lot of fun with this one and it allows me to also work on creative poses for the characters and play with lighting effects.


Credits go to rotten_eyed for his model extraction and wonderful rig! And Arkane Studios for the incredibly inspiring world of Dishonored, still all these years later. Thank you.
More to come! Stay tuned and check out the rest of this series in my gallery.

September 4, 2022