Dishonored - Slackjaw

"He deals in flesh, weapons, strong drink. They've always called him Slackjaw."

Slackjaw is the powerful crime boss of the Bottle-Street Gang of Dunwall. A wanted man with a large bounty on his head and many enemies. I've always found this character to be quite likeable and fairly honourable too. Unfortunately he doesn't get enough screen time or development, which would've been interesting given his backstory.
But honestly, I wouldn't mess with this guy.
What did you think of Slackjaw in your time with Dishonored?

Credits go to rotten_eyed for his model extraction and wonderful rig! And Arkane Studios for the incredibly inspiring world of Dishonored, still all these years later. Thank you.
More to come! Stay tuned and check out the rest of this series in my gallery.

August 27, 2022