Rune Series: Jera

Rune Series 12/24
Second Row: Jera
Meaning: 'Year', 'Harvest'
Associated English letter: Y

Jera is the rune of harvest, or reward for right action. It represents the flow of cyclical time, its rythm and motions. Jera follows Isa, as spring follows winter. Its number is 12, just like the months of a year cycle.
This is a positive rune, inviting warmth, abundancy, fertility and satisfaction. Much like Isa and many other runes of the second row however, its energy is indifferent to human nature. It teaches us to follow the flow of life, and never go against it.

The Runes of this series belong to the Elder Futhark, one of the oldest alphabets in recorded history. Each Rune has endless interpretations and deep meanings; while their origin and/or intent is lost to history, most interpretations come from the 'Rune Poems', possibly written around the 8th century.

January 24, 2020