Rune Series: Isa

Rune Series 11/24
Second Row: Isa
Meaning: 'Ice'
Associated English letter: I

A beautiful rune, Isa is stillness, immobility or stasis. When crops don't grow and travel is difficult in the middle of winter, ice invites rest and reflection. It is a time of self-preservation, when one may have to stop for a time and develop inner clarity or wisdom in preparation of times to come. Control and discipline must be maintained.
Isa is the simplest of all runes, and its shape can be used as a base for all others; this points at the stillness or peace of mind as being fundamental for any sort of future action.

The Runes of this series belong to the Elder Futhark, one of the oldest alphabets in recorded history. Each Rune has endless interpretations and deep meanings; while their origin and/or intent is lost to history, most interpretations come from the 'Rune Poems', possibly written around the 8th century.

January 22, 2020