Dishonored - Anton Sokolov

"They say genius and madness are so finely balanced in his personality that no one can tell the difference."

Sokolov is the Royal Physician, a painter, a scientist and a genius inventor working for the Court in Dunwall. He's also the creator of Sokolov's Elixir that restores health to the player in the game and also combats the rat plague, lore-wise.
I loved this character, especially because of his sarcastic personality and the fact that he has so many varied interests and hobbies. Despite painting the aristocracy, he has much contempt for them. He likely sees himself as better and more intelligent than anyone else, and is not afraid to admit it.


Credits go to rotten_eyed for his model extraction and wonderful rig! And Arkane Studios for the incredibly inspiring world of Dishonored, still all these years later. Thank you.
More to come! Stay tuned and check out the rest of this series in my gallery.

September 10, 2022