Dishonored - Hiram Burrows

He is driven by obsession, like a madness. Order, he must have all things, in order."

Hiram Burrows is the Royal Spymaster and, eventually, Lord Regent of Dunwall as well as initially the main antagonist of Dishonored, being (seemingly) responsible for most of the events at the start of the story. It's hard to give one look at the guy and not immediately see that he's not a trustworthy individual. Still, I really liked his design, it leaves no room for interpretations and seems to scream: 'yes, I'm a villain'. It seemed to me that one of the inspirations for it seemed to be a classic vampire, especially given his coat and bald head, which is why I chose the moonlit fortified palace as his background.
I thought his name was interesting too - 'Burrows', pointing at something wormlike, given the nature of his character and personality.


Credits go to rotten_eyed for his model extraction and wonderful rig! And Arkane Studios for the incredibly inspiring world of Dishonored. Thank you.
More to come! Stay tuned and check out the rest of this series in my gallery.

October 12, 2022