Dishonored - Emily Kaldwin

"She sees more than she is telling. Young Lady Emily."

Lady Emily Kaldwin is the daughter of the Empress, and of (spoiler alert, I guess) Corvo too. She's a young, energetic girl with a bright personality that she somehow still keeps together despite her mother's death and overall trauma of kidnapping etc. That's what I liked about this character in the first game, as well as the fact that she's just adorable, but also brave and a bit of a hothead. I tried to express these traits in her pose and expression for this model.


Credits go to rotten_eyed for his model extraction and wonderful rig! And Arkane Studios for the incredibly inspiring world of Dishonored, still all these years later. Thank you.
More to come! Stay tuned and check out the rest of this series in my gallery.

August 31, 2022