Rune Series: Inguz

Rune Series 22/24
Third Row: Inguz
Meaning: Seed, Potential, The God, Ing
Associated English letter: Ng
Inguz is the rune of isolation for the benefit of evolution. It speaks of internal growth, space, gestation, harmony and potential. As a tiny seed has the potential to turn into a mighty tree, so we have the potential to grow beyond our capabilities if the right time, effort and care is put into ourselves.
Inguz has mostly male energy, and points to sacrifice. A form must die so that another can be born. The ancient god Ing represents fertility and masculine procreation.
As the rune cycle approaches its completion, this rune is the necessary driving force to push all previous rune energies to their final destination.
“Only when we know our solitude to be different from our loneliness can we be whole enough to honor another’s place.”
(Burnt Tree stump texture by Donald Tong)

March 2, 2020