The Tree of Life and Death

"The Tree of Life and Death"
Inspired by the Kabbalah, this project represents one of the most ancient and recognisable symbols in all cultures, religions and traditions all over the world: the tree. Often believed to connect entire worlds, be they physical of spiritual, nowhere is this concept more studied than in jewish mysticism, through the Kabbalah.
Etz-Haym, the "Tree of Life" is a diagram that aims to describe certain nodes or core pillars within creation itself. From the original idea, or God, all other emanations descend and are represented through the circles, called Sephirah (emanation). These encompass aspects of existence, emotions or the human psyche. When all are balanced and in harmony, a pathway from human to the divine and vice versa is opened.
The Tree of Death, or Qliphoth (shells) is what a lack of harmony or balance creates. When the divine energy is not properly channeled, it gives birth to evil and the demonic hosts, each presiding over one of the shells in the tree.
All names as well as translations are often subject of debate and entire books are necessary to even begin studying or explaining a single one of these aspects.
My hope is that, through my art, some may be inspired to look up further information regarding this incredible mystical philosophy.
The second version contains none of the writings added as terminology obviously distracts from the enjoyment of the image! The reason behind inclusion of the mystical terminology is because it was, alongside my studies, a fundamental part that drove the inspiration behind this piece.

January 29, 2021